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As a content consultant, I will work with you to offer long-term solutions.


Do you have the time or resources to sit down and plan a communications strategy?

If not, I can help.

I work with busy professionals and fast-paced businesses to create strategies that:


- drive objectives

- communicates brand, values and key messages

- identifies and targets primary audience

- offers realistic workloads

Plus - I can offer support on smaller project too, such as a strategy or campaign for a new event or activity.

Strategy consultation


Initial consultation and Q&A, with bespoke project package or daily rates available.

Training workshops and coaching sessions


Would you like to have the confidence to write effective content? 


As a consultant, I'll work with you to strengthen your content skills in one-to-one CPD sessions.


These bespoke workshops vary on your needs, but can cover:

- how to edit and rewrite complex information

- how to write for different audiences and brands

- how to create action through words

Plus, you'll receive a toolkit of tips, resources and guides that you can use to progress.

Training workshops & coaching sessions (online)

Initial consultation and Q&A, with choice of:

- 2-hour workshops

- Half-day workshops with follow-up coaching sessions

Get in touch to for an informal discussion:

Orange Jam and Cookies


"Rosie continues to impress us with her work! We deeply appreciate her ability to be both educational and fun with her writing tone. She's an absolute gem to work with and we can't recommend her services enough."


—  Brian, LIVSN designs

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